This section details what features are planned and when they will be released.

The roadmap will be updated with features requested by users.

It does not include features depending on uncertain technical feasibility.

If you think you can contribute in one of the following domains, feel free to contact us :

  • unicode and/or internationalization support
  • Palm DOC format
  • midlet signing


Text editionone fixed monospaced font
fixed background, foreground and selection colors
one editable text buffer
horizontal and vertical scrolling using the direction pad
File managementbasic file browser
file 'open' command
file 'save' command
file 'save as' command to overwrite an existing file
CR/LF consistency when opening and saving a file
ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) character set support


Text editionmultiple buffers
horizontal and vertical scrollbars
more fonts
File managementfile 'save as' command to create a new file
directory creation
memory card insertion/removal
file CR/LF format preferences


Text editionincremental find
optional line wrap
customizable skins
customizable edition via plugins
xml plugin to handle auto-formating, electric tags and colorization
File managementcustom graphic file browser
large files support
CP1252 character set support